Thanks Chris

This post is dedicated to my first subscriber. A man who I only got to work with for two weeks before I moved from Davis to San Diego. He taught me a wealth of knowledge about music and life while always wearing a smile and having a positive attitude in that 36 degree cooler. I had a blast working with you in that short amount of time. I think you would be proud as I don’t go more than two weeks without seeing a live show, and my wife and I are headed out to Bonaroo this year. Take care my friend and keep spreading your outlook on life as far as you can.
Thanks for the support.


One thought on “Thanks Chris

  1. Thanks alot for the kind words Dan. I appreciate it greatly. Yes, that cooler was cold but I also learned alot from you as well in those 2 weeks. You helped me “learn the ropes” and kept me from thinking about how cold it was in there engaging in artistic discussion from music to film. Someone I could relate to that had just as much an interest in the arts as I did. Thank-you!

    I think it’s great that you had a passion to do something that you love and to work hard and to see it come to fruition is impressive and admirable. It’s clear that you have a great eye and mind for your creativity with the camera and beyond. Having taken an interest in photography from an early age, I applaud you and your efforts to broaden your horizons all of the while, retaining your artistic vision, while keeping the best interest of your audience in mind. Your artistic sense is uncompromising as you push the boundaries in getting the most out of your subjects. I truly enjoy your work as it is refreshing and innovative. Best of luck to you Dan as you are on your way to hopefully a very aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling career in photography and cinematography. As I am proud to be your first subscriber, I’m even more grateful to be your friend. If you ever need a guy to compile a soundtrack for any of your work, let me know 🙂

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