Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse

Here are eleven images chosen from the one thousand two hundred and forty-six pictures taken the morning of December 10, 2011. It was 40 degrees on the roof so I only lasted on hour before sitting on the deck with a hot chocolate and space heater near by. I really enjoyed documenting one of natures precious moments.

Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse Picture
Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse Picture

Here is the link, enjoy.


Treasure Island

So in this era of 3D I was able to shoot video with my 3D GoPro rig and only make one cut. Using First Light I was able to render out a Left channel, which is a 2D video, as well as an anaglyph version (red & blue), and a side by side version. So there are three versions of the same video depending on what you enjoy watching. The left channel is for everyone, the anaglyph is for those that own a pair of red and blue glasses, and finally side by side is for people who have really nice 3D televisions.



Well after a 3 week vacation from San Diego to Tennessee then down to Louisiana and back I have finished my first side project video. However, it is still rendering and I think it won’t be done until tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath considering the last export had a mysterious error-267 during the night. It will be up as soon as it is done. It is an opacity film consisting of fireworks.

Smoked IPA

I finally finished a video that has been sitting around that needed some final touches for a while now. This is a video shot at my friend’s parents house where we met up to brew a smoked IPA on a cold cloudy day. The video was shot with a GoPro and a small Cannon, and edited on Final Cut Pro.

North Park Festival of Arts 2011 3D

Finally, after almost three weeks of shooting with the 3D GoPro system I have learned what to do, and what not to do, almost. Shooting with stereoscopic is tougher than I thought it would be. Since the GoPro 3D system has two fixed cameras, you have to keep your subject the same distance from the camera to get the foreground subjects to really come out clearly. I was told subjects work best in the five to seven-foot range, but I have found it better to work in the four or nine foot ranges. Of course I am shooting with a wide-angle lens, so this definitely has an effect on the outcome.

On Sunday my wife and I took my in-laws to the North Park Festival of Arts, on University. Naturally we all attended the beer garden to sample some fine micro brews. I really enjoyed the Manzanita Brown which had a slight chocolate taste, without all the nuts. I love browns, but not nutty browns. We enjoyed tasting samples, listening to music, and mingling with the locals.

So check back in a couple of days to see my first ever 3D project posted right here at

Thanks Chris

This post is dedicated to my first subscriber. A man who I only got to work with for two weeks before I moved from Davis to San Diego. He taught me a wealth of knowledge about music and life while always wearing a smile and having a positive attitude in that 36 degree cooler. I had a blast working with you in that short amount of time. I think you would be proud as I don’t go more than two weeks without seeing a live show, and my wife and I are headed out to Bonaroo this year. Take care my friend and keep spreading your outlook on life as far as you can.
Thanks for the support.

Coachella 2011

After coming back from NAB and Coachella I had a ton of work to do. Now that I have the next couple of days off I have been working on my Coachella video. Originally I was going to have a 3D Coachella, but I received my 3D case just as I was leaving and later found out I needed a firmware update which I did not do before leaving. Check back tomorrow as the video will be loaded and ready for play. Who likes Ratatat?

Coachella 2011 Screenshot
Coachella 2011 Screenshot

GoPro 3D

So at NAB I purchased another GoPro Camera as well as the 3D case so I could get some practice editing 3D footage. The only draw back so far, I have not yet attempted to edit any footage, seems to be that I have to have a 3D television to watch polarized 3D, no blue and red in full color, but I can watch 3D using the blue and red glasses on any monitor. Stay tuned for some 3D footage, so hold on to any cheap blue and red glasses you may come across.

Home from NAB

Back from NAB and overwhelmed as ever. I took classes covering, final cut pro, motion, typography, and portfolio development. The classes were very helpful however a lot of the topics covered I had previously learned at Platt college. The event floor has very crowded with so many booths it was impossible to see them all. I spent a lot of time looking at smaller cameras such as GoPro, V.I.O. , and Contour. Many of the booths were very impressive but I was most impressed with the release of Final Cut Pro X ( at the convention. All in all it was a great experience and I hope to visit again next year.

My Glamor and Glow video is also finished so check it out if you like music, lasers, and swimwear. It was a ton of fun to shoot as well as edit.