Daniel Olson

Video Editor / Video Producer / Camera Operator

Sony Playstation

BS Media Arts

AA Graphic Design

As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the syncing of music and video. I was engulfed in music as a child taking fifteen years of piano, five years of drums, and four years of music during elementary and middle school. When I was not tickling the ivory or pounding on the drums I was out playing one of many sports. I never remember a time when I did not have two or more extra curricular activities per day. After graduating High School, I received a laptop and begin editing. I moved to Northern California where I took a class at Sacramento College using linear editing software. After this introduction to editing, I quickly purchased the application and begin teaching myself how to use it. After two years I moved back to San Diego where I got a job editing wedding videos for a company called NR3. I soon realized if I wanted to expand my horizons in the video field, I should go back to school. I enrolled at Platt college in San Diego where I graduated with a BS in media and got a job where i currently work at Sony Playstation as a video editor with a wide variety of duties extending from editing, camera work, grip work, file compressions, game capture, producer assistance, motion capture, face scanning, IT help, and many other tasks that still have yet to be thought of. My goal is to create a feeling through video that reminds one art can create emotions nothing else could ever touch.