GoPro 3D

So at NAB I purchased another GoPro Camera as well as the 3D case so I could get some practice editing 3D footage. The only draw back so far, I have not yet attempted to edit any footage, seems to be that I have to have a 3D television to watch polarized 3D, no blue and red in full color, but I can watch 3D using the blue and red glasses on any monitor. Stay tuned for some 3D footage, so hold on to any cheap blue and red glasses you may come across.

Home from NAB

Back from NAB and overwhelmed as ever. I took classes covering, final cut pro, motion, typography, and portfolio development. The classes were very helpful however a lot of the topics covered I had previously learned at Platt college. The event floor has very crowded with so many booths it was impossible to see them all. I spent a lot of time looking at smaller cameras such as GoPro, V.I.O. , and Contour. Many of the booths were very impressive but I was most impressed with the release of Final Cut Pro X ( at the convention. All in all it was a great experience and I hope to visit again next year.

My Glamor and Glow video is also finished so check it out if you like music, lasers, and swimwear. It was a ton of fun to shoot as well as edit.